Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Resolution now an independent charity

PTSD Resolution is now an independent charity, registered no. 1133188. This is a big step forward as Resolution becomes independent of its former parent charity and is free to develop policies and services in accordance with its charitable objects. These are:
“For the public benefit the relief of the mental sickness of veterans of the armed forces with post-traumatic symptoms in particular by the provision of counselling, treatment, and support and by:
(1) promoting research into treating post-traumatic symptoms, and to promote new ways of providing services, for veterans of the armed forces suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), across the uk;
(2) advancing the education of veterans of the armed forces and the public about the mechanisms of trauma and means of reducing the impact of ptsd on veterans of the armed forces and the population in general; and
(3) promoting social inclusion among veterans of the armed forces with ptsd in prisons through counselling, treatment and support.”
Resolution sets out to treat the people that other services do not reach, to promote more tolerable and humane treatments, to sponsor research that may find even better ways of working with PTSD, to educate the people, such as Police officers, who really need to know about the logic of the traumatised brain, and to tackle the appalling problem of trauma in imprisoned veterans.