Thursday, 23 May 2013


The terrible event at Woolwich reminds us starkly of the mental as well as physical trauma to which our forces' personnel are exposed. For those who are injured, and those who serve along side them and their families, the trauma can last sometimes a lifetime.

Our work at PTSD Resolution is to counsel those veterans who are affected by military trauma. The alternative for them is often extreme daily anguish, nightmares, even substance abuse and family breakdown. And worse.

Nearly 8 out of 10 times - in 78 per cent of cases - we achieve an  effective resolution - so that the counsellor and counselled believe that no further help is required, after an average of five one sessions. They can go on to lead normal work and family lives, like you and me.

To achieve this the charity needs money, frankly. We get no Government, NHS of H4H funding.
We counsel each veteran at a cost per treatment of £373.  The main charity in the military mental health area treats veterans at an average cost per treatment of £2,836. But we are the only charity that reports on its results.

All our money is used to pay and manage our counsellors network. We have no salaried staff or assets, not so much as a stapler. All Trustees are volunteers.
Help us if you can , or just tell people about what we do.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

16 May, MPs are holding a special debate on mental health

* We've just heard that this Thursday, 16 May, MPs are holding a special debate on mental health in the House of Commons, and this is your chance to tell the Government what matters to you right now.
Many MPs have no understanding of mental health problems. We need you to email your MP and share your experience or point them to our work so they can speak about mental health on your behalf at the debate - visit
You could tell your MP about your own experience, or if you prefer you could simply point your MP to PTSD Resolution.
This is our message:
" The Government should make wider access available to Veterans, Reservists and their families with mental health or well being problems by supporting service charities in addition to Combat Stress - such as PTSD Resolution, which can demonstrate a track record of providing immediate, local, brief, private, treatment at a fraction of the cost and at 80% effectiveness."
You can watch the debate live on the BBC Parliament Channel or on the Parliament website from about 11.30am on Thursday.
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