Monday, 15 October 2012

Mental Health Disorders costing £25 billion each year - Trauma in the Workplace: New White Paper on Issues & Solutions

Organisations can find out about the potential impact of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for their staffing policies and practices with a new White Paper ‘Trauma in the Workplace’, authored by UK military veteran’s charity Resolution. A free copy of the White Paper is available for download:

Colonel A Gauvain (Retired), a counsellor and chairman of PTSD Resolution, says:
“ Mental health disorders account for one in five of all work days lost and cost UK employers £25 billion each year. Trauma in particular can result in depression and behavioural problems for employees. Left untreated, the condition may cause avoidable accidents, extended sick-leave and dismissal - and represents a major legal liability for the employer.”

PTSD can result from an incident at work, he says; but also from an event outside the workplace, many years previously, with the effects only surfacing as a result of domestic or work pressures, for example.

Disturbingly, most managers are unable to recognise the symptoms of trauma, from research by the charity. This is why Resolution has introduced a half-day course in TATE, Trauma Awareness Training for Employers.

Resolution is a UK charity (No. 1133188) that offers free counselling to UK Armed Forces veterans and reservists. It also provides support for HR personnel and line managers in organisations to meet employers’ statutory obligations - and avoid the commercial impact and the personal cost to employees of trauma. 

The Trauma Awareness training course enables managers to recognise trauma symptoms; understand the effects on staff behaviour; engage with traumatised people to identify practical options; and find a clear route to resolving workplace difficulties caused by trauma.

A free copy of the White Paper is available for download – and also details of the half-day course in central London, Nov 29th 2012 – TATE Training -