Sunday, 26 April 2009

About Resolution

Resolution is the outcome of a pilot project with The Falklands Veterans Foundation which has helped many veterans recover from their PTSD after 25 years of nightmares - now available to anyone who has served with the armed forces or in an auxiliary capacity during a conflict.
Da Costa Syndrome in the Civil War, Shell-shock in the Great War, Going Psycho, Battle Fatigue, PTSD. It doesn't matter what you call it, and if doesn't matter to us whether you have a diagnosis or not - our only concern is to help you feel better, and we have a way of doing putting a stop to post-traumatic symptoms, fast.
We use relaxation and carefully controlled re-exposure to change the emotional conditioning attached to traumatic memories; ideas that can be found in other settings including some trauma-focussed CBT clinics, but put together in a new way that makes the treatment rapid and humane. It is done as an out-patient, it doesn't hurt, and it doesn't involve telling anyone what happened so it not is not humiliating or voyeuristic. Ask the soldiers, sailors, airmen and other veterans who have been through it.
Take a look round the website, read what people who have been through the Resolution process have to say about their experience. If you have nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, anger, depression or other problems that date from events in your miltary service, help is at hand.

For more info see our website:

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