Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The HGI's Practice Research Network

As you may know if you have looked around the PTSD resolution website, our first-line treatment for post-traumatic symptoms is Human Givens therapy.  We use it because it has so many advantages in practice: it brings rapid results, it works with most people, and it produces substantial reductions in post-traumatic symptoms without having to discuss the contents of sufferers' traumatic memories.  

The Human Givens Foundation’s recently held its AGM, when HGI Research Fellow Dr. Bill Andrews (on the left) summarised how human givens therapists are currently producing the most robust and comprehensive data on therapeutic outcomes in the UK. 

“Since data collection commenced 
in April 2007 within the Human Givens Institute Practice Research Network (HGIPRN) we are now able to profile the therapeutic journey of over 2,500 clients, involving over 90 therapists. Tracking client journeys all the way from referral to recovery helps us to accurately represent the impact of our treatments across a wide range of client populations. 

We believe that for our practice-based evidence to be meaningful it must be robust, fully inclusive and comprehensive. At the moment, we are the only school of therapy doing this and the results to date are extremely promising. 

We are committed to leading the field in this endeavour – you can read more about our work at 

At the HGI we encourage all our therapists to work in an outcome- informed way – so if you are a practitioner working in tune with the human givens, whether in training or fully qualified, and are not yet contributing your data, we urge you to please do so (see our website for details). You will help your clients, yourself and the cause, which is to improve mental health services nationwide.”

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