Saturday, 16 May 2009

A stitch in time

The problems caused by PTSD tend to multiply with time.  Someone who has been traumatised may decide not to go to the pub, or to a reunion, in order to avoid reminders of the traumatic events.  Or they may stop going to the cinema, watching TV or reading the paper for the same reason.  The strategy of avoidance does work up to a point, but then it starts to create its own problems.  We are a social species - we actually need to spend time with friends, comrades and family - and anyone who can't get these basic social needs met will start to feel more unwell. This in turn raises the overall emotional state, increasing the chance of the original PTSD symptoms becoming problematic, and so it goes on.  As the cycle continues people may turn to alcohol or other drugs to numb the emotional results, and this can cause its own problems - it seems highly likely that many of the veterans now in prison would never have got there but for their post-traumatic symptoms.
This is why Resolution is so keen to spread the idea that PTSD treatment should be available as soon as anyone starts to feel disturbed by their memories.  If you feel depressed or angry,  or have flashbacks or nightmares as a result of military service why not look at the website, and see how we work, and then contact us?  Treatment is free in most cases.

Piers Bishop
Resolution director
0845 021 7873

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