Saturday, 6 June 2009

Stiff Upper Lip - 2

It is a puzzle that the UK Army rate of PTSD is so low compared with other countries. Is it the sheer mental strength of the Briton when compared with those inferior foreigners? Er, no. Is it the budget limitations of the British Army - some research has suggested that the chance of getting PTSD depends on how much you exchange fire with the enemy, so being short of ammunition might be a good thing. Or is it the innovative mental healthcare scheme we were told about by a soldier who returned from a foreign assignment to be sat down in an aircraft hanger with the rest of the troops and asked 'Right, who's got PTSD"? Not wishing to be ridiculed for the rest of a short Army career he kept his hands firmly by his side. How many others were doing the same? Er, probably about the same number as report PTSD in those inferior foreign Armies, I suspect...

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