Sunday, 6 September 2009

Walking Wounded - Film from BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland's film 'Walking Wounded' is an emotionally charged and uncompromising look at the experiences of young ex-soldiers as they adapt to civilian life. It follows three veterans as they attempt to negotiate the difficulties of adapting to civilian life while struggling with the after-effects of their time in the Army. One of the three is Chris from Nottinghamshire, who suffers from acute post-traumatic stress disorder following his tours of Bosnia and Iraq during the first Gulf War. A spiral of anger, drink and depression ended in the loss of his family, business and home, leaving him sleeping rough in London. Moving to Edinburgh with the promise of a new life, Chris enters a maze of benefit systems and Veterans charities. Resolution is one of the organisations that offers him help, and the programme follows his progress. Walking Wounded shows what to expect if you are treated by Resolution, and you can see it on the BBC iPlayer here:

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