Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Latest results for Counselling: 8 out of 10 success

Of the ex-service personnel who received counselling by PTSD Resolution over two years, 157 completed the programme, and 78 per cent of these had symptoms reduced to below the clinical level, in an average of five sessions.

 Sadly some people do not respond to therapy – others are in the middle of compensation cases or legal processes that can interfere with their capacity to change,” says Piers Bishop, Director of Counseling

Around one quarter of those who contacted the charity initially were unable to engage in counselling, for a range of reasons. Some were too distressed to focus on the programme, or had lives too chaotic to be able to take part in regular weekly sessions, even for the few weeks required. (Source: PTSD Resolution, 2012

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  1. Even the ones who find it difficult to engage at first, can be helped to do so by patient, reliable, trusted contact leading to further engagement and recovery. This requires guaranteed human intervention of a level that we cannot afford without a serious injection of funds. Please help us find some serious donors who recognise the need and that help is at hand if it can be funded.