Thursday, 28 February 2013

Why we help veterans and TA in prison and with addiction problems.

The PTSD Resolution outreach programme - with 200 counsellors - includes visiting and helping TA and veterans in prison, as well as those with alcohol and related addiction problems. This probably makes us unique in the military charity sector, as the only organisation prepared to help in these situations.

Our policy is that the very sad circumstances in which a traumatised veteran may find him or herself is probably symptomatic and related to the effects of the original trauma anyway. Therefore it is only humane to include these people, all veterans in the counselling programme.

The help we provide is limited by the funds that we have available to meet the costs of providing counsellors - we have no funds from Government, MoD, NHS or other organisations, and rely on donations from the public and one or two private Trusts that help.

We have no salaried staff or fixed assets - funds are used to provide counselling and a small informational campaign.

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